East Lumberton Church of God
East Lumberton Church of God

Rev. Jimmy (Tim) Lewis, Senior Pastor

The East Lumberton Church of God is blessed with the spirit of Love, unity and Fellowship. We have a group of people that have a desire to both hear and share the Word of God. We are commissioned, in the Scriptures, to "Go into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature." We are proud of the fact that we have a Church that works together for the good of the Church. We appreciate both the volunteer and the staff.

Special Message by: Rev. Lewis Hatchell

We are living in the most dangerous times that the church will ever experience. It is no secret that we are flirting with inflation and suffering with a mild recession. Sooner or later, I'm sure the barbarians (Taliban and al Qaeda) will strike America hard enough to bring her to her knees. Revivals will come because of hyperinflation. At which time, our church will be ready to serve our God's plan for salvation.

Also, I am sure that someone will fire a nuclear missile that will shake the entire world. As impossible as it may seem, we will have a real depression that will drive the church to pray for the rapture to take place. When peace on Earth is
gone, we will welcome the Prince of Peace to return and rule our world.

It is good to work with Pastor Brumfield and to be a part of this church. May God Bless us as we go forward in Jesus name.

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