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East Lumberton Church of God

The History of East Lumberton Church of God


TheBeginning of a Miracle


In1944, possibly the first Sunday in May, after a number of years of cottage prayer meetings, tent revivals and other related services in nearby churches, a small group, approximately 6 people, under the leadership of Rev. J.B. McLendon organized the East Lumberton Church of God. From its humble beginning, in an old tin building, God has blessed the church to grow until it is now housed in a $600,000 building with some of thefinest furnishings available today.

Thesmall group that gathered in the old tin building that first Sunday could not comprehend the magnitude of what they begun, the miracle that would grow and abound in the work of the Lord. Through
the years, thousands of lives have been touched through the efforts of the East Lumberton Church of God. From a membership of six, the church has grown to a membership of 360 to date.

        In 1947, the church moved into the building across the street, where our new fellowship hall and day care are now located. This building was erected under the leadership of Rev. Carr Mercer. 
Through the years, all of our pastors have contributed in one way or another to the growth of the church, but none can surpass the time, money and effort expended by Bro. Mercer. His rich faith and hard work help stand the church on its feet. He truly seemed to give all he had to God and to seeing that the East Lumberton Church of God went forward for the Kingdom of God.

        Our first church parsonage was purchased
in 1953.   It was located on Coleman Street. Later a new parsonage was purchased on Dresden Avenue. Our present parsonage, at 96 Dresden Avenue,
was constructed in 1964. It was built by Bro. McLendon, Bro. Glenn Easom, Albert Barnes, along with two helpers.

Our first fellowship hall adjoined the parsonage and was built at the same time as the parsonage. Later, sometime in the early 70’s, our present fellowship hall was purchased and the original
fellowship hall was refurbished to serve as the pastor’s study and evangelist quarters.

In 1963, an educational building was constructed on the church. Up until this time the basement of the main structure had been used for classrooms. 
This addition featured one room that doubled as a Sunday School room and small auditorium. This room was affectionately referred to as “the cooling room,” so named by an evangelist.

        The church made another move in 1977
into the building that we now occupy. This building has a seating capacity of 940 people, 640 can be accommodated on the sanctuary floor, 200 in the balcony and 100 in the choir, a far cry from
the “old tin building.”

        From the mother church, a spirit of
missions has existed from its infancy, and it has mothered or contributed in some way to the work of more than 20 Churches of God in the surrounding area.

        Also, from the mother church have come
at least eight ministers of the Gospel, Bro. L.F. Hatchell, Bro. Joseph Hayes, Bro. Earl lupo, Bro. Prentiss Harrison, Bro. William Meares, Bro. Mike Warwick, Bro. Wesley Britt, and Bro. Jim Womble.

        The East Lumberton Church of God has had
15 pastors in 43 years of service. Those who have served are the Rev. J.B. McLendon, Rev. Colen Kelly, Rev. Carr Mercer, Rev. T.N. Ward, Rev. Charlie Jones, Rev. A.M. Stephens, Rev. R.P. Fields, Rev. Glenn Easom, Rev. H.L. Helms, Rev. W.C. Loftis, Rev. A.E. Gregory, Rev. Thomas Ashley, Rev. R.L. Walker, Rev. Kenneth Looney, Rev. Ron Mizzell and our present
pastor, Rev. Bruce B. Brumfield. The combined efforts of these men, along with the efforts of many dedicated lay people, have brought us to the point that we are today.

        Only time and eternity will reveal the
effort expended by the wives of our pastors. 
They gave of themselves, many times, above and beyond the call of duty. One in particular who will always be a part of our lives was Sis. Reba Mercer, a very soft spoken, meek person who could command the attention of young people without once raising her
voice. She loved everybody and was a true friend to everyone. No one ever loved and cared for the East Lumberton Church of God more than Sister Mercer.

        Another who deserves special recognition
is Sis. Gail Mizell. In the few months that we were privileged to have her with us, she untiringly worked with shoulder-to-shoulder with the ladies of our church, most of the time leading the way. When she said work, she wasn’t kidding. They didn’t call her “Sarg” for nothing.

        No history of the East Lumberton Church
of God would be complete without the mention of Sis. Gertrude Thompkins. She was one of the charter members of our church and no one could ever surpass her efforts at keeping the finances of the church going. This “Willing Worker” spent many long hours selling different items for the church and collecting money. Truly, there is no way to measure the impact this little lady has had on the growth of our church.

We previously owned the daycare which we sold. 
The day care opened in 1986 in the educational building of the old church across the street. Sis. Mizell
was the Director. She along with a staff of five workers gave good, quality care to the children entrusted to them.

The sanctuary portion of the old church has been completely renovated. The renovation was mostly under the direction of Bro. Bobby Earl Turner. He and some of the men of the church worked extremely hard on that project. The Ladies Ministries of the church had the carpet laid, decorated and put the finishing touches on the building.

From a “little ole tin building”, God has blessed the East Lumberton Church of God to grow to its present state. Truly, God has been good to us, spiritually, physically, and financially. He has blessed us abundantly and the same Spirit that touched those six people sixty-eight years ago is as fresh and new today as it was back then. He is still very much in evidence in our services, saving souls, sanctifying believers, filling with the Holy Ghost, anointing, blessing, lifting burdens and keeping us through His marvelous grace!!

        At present, we have six different church-related activities in operation: Children’s Church, Ladies Ministries, Men’s Ministries, Teen Ministries,
Young at Heart, & a Boys Club. These activities along with Sunday School, Family Training Hour on Wednesday nights and our regular worship services make up a complete curriculum to meet the
spiritual needs of the whole family, therefore, the “miracle” continues to grow even today.



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